8 Insanely Easy Steps to Make a Striped Cake at Home

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The striped cake is one of the new trends. The best thing about it that you can be as creative with it as much you want. From frostings to decorations of the striped cake it is all your idea. Parties or any gathering it’s a perfect choice!

Striped Cake Homemade Recipe

I have tried a lot of cakes. Making them I usually follow the recipe online. To be honest that does not allow me to express my ideas in the cake. The best cake yet I have made is a chocolate orange cake.

When I googled its recipe for the first time I was legit confused. It felt like I am looking at rainbow colors and it was difficult for me to choose one color. Reading articles and watching videos I gained a lot of knowledge. I realized that it is the easiest cake yet technical. Bingo! I found my next cake recipe.

Cake Comb used in Striped Cake:

As my search ended I had to settle the stuff for it. I thought that if it goes well then I will make the same cake on my sister’s birthday. I can use different frostings and decorate it my way. Plus, no one can tell that I made it before as well. Killing two birds with one stone!

The first thing I had on my list is the cake comb. It helps me getting the clean stripes I needed for the striped cake. I used the piping bags to give this striped effect. But it did not give the perfect result because hands do not remain steady all the time.

For the perfect stripes and space, I decided to use it. I was going to try this for the first time while making this cake. I had to be careful about the power or pressure I put while using the cake comb.

Cake comb comes in various edges. It is used to create a lot of interesting shapes. Several have two-sided edges for the ease. They come in various quality and shapes. Having stripes on the cake has become very easy due to the cake comb.


What is Crumble Coat in Striped Cake?

For the striped cake first, you need is a simple crumble coated cake. It is simple and needs to be decorated and filled with colors.

Now most of us are in the view that it’s very easy to slap frosting on the cake. To make a cake represent you need to make it perfect. Make the inner artist of yours come out and show its skills.

Like every other cake, we need to make the batter for the cake. Then bake it in the oven. As it’s done cut the cake into equal layers. Keep in mind that the cake layers are cool. Applying frosting on the warm cake is like you are adding ice cubes to warm water. Trust me!

Delicious Striped cake

Use the pastry brush to remove any crumbles on the cake. Now take a big plate and cover it with three to four wax paper. In this way, there will not be a mess on the plate. Remove the wax paper and you get a perfect place.

Take a metal off spatula to spread frosting on the first layer of cake. Now take the second layer of the cake. Carefully place it on the frosting. After that frost the outside of the cake with care.

Your crumble coat cake is complete. Let it rest for 20 minutes. It is ready for the striped cake. Decorate it and use another frosting the way you like and make it innovative.

Decoration Tips for Striped Cake:

  • Plain Surface: It is easy to decorate a cake when its surface is flat. Starting with the top of the cake is the best.
  • Clean Area: When you are decorating cover the area with wax paper. In this way the area is clean. You remove the wax paper and throw it in the dustbin.
  • The Trick for Swirls: If you want to create swirls on the striped cake all you need is the fork. Remember to keep the fork tip in the 12 o fork position. The ending of the fork should be in the 6 o clock position.
  • Use toothpicks for writing: While writing on the cake you have to be careful. It is professional if you use toothpicks first and then finally write on the cake.

Rainbow flavored cake

Striped Cake Recipe

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Cake
Keyword: striped cake


Ingredients Needed To Prepare Striped Cake:

  • Crumble coated and chilled six inches cake.
  • Butter Cream
  • Angled Spatula
  • Color Gels
  • Piping bag
  • Icing Smoother


Instructions To Prepare Striped Cake:

  • Place the crumbled cake on the turntable. Add more frosting to the outside of the cake. Smooth the rough areas of the cake. Use Butter Cream on the outside for frosting.
  • Take the cake comb and hold it at 45 degrees to you. Rotate the turntable. Apply a tiny amount of pressure or power to the comb. Soon you will see the stripes. Clean the comb by using water.
  • If you see the holes fill them with the buttercream.
  • Continue to use the comb until the stripes are 1/8th of the inch. Sharpen and smoothen the top of the cake.
  • Add the food color to the buttercream and mix it (use pink and blue color). Add the material in the piping bag and cut 1/4 inch of its opening. Start piping the color in the stripes of the striped cake.
  • Smoothen the stripes by using an icing smoother. This way the excess colored buttercream will be removed.
  • Keep using the icing smoother. After some time you will see smooth and perfect stripes. Remove the access buttercream until it looks perfect
  • Now decorate the cake using sprinkles or gumballs. You can make different flowers on top using piping and do a lot of stuff and show creativity.


Until now we filled this blog with mouthwatering ingredients, interesting reasons to like it, Recipes, helping tips, and More. This brings me to the end of the article. I have shared my whole experience with you people. Shared some of the tips on the way to make your cake different and stunning. Now it’s up to you how you design the cake. Moreover, people know the type of decoration you think is best for your cake.

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