The Best Yummy Strawberry Cake Homemade Recipe

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Get a  simple yet yummy strawberry-cake that is packed with strawberry-flavor from fresh and super moist strawberries. This recipe is easy to make with just the right amount of ingredients. You will definitely love to make this creative recipe. 

Strawberry cake


This delicious cake is full of sweet with fresh strawberry-flavor. This cake might be a perfect birthday cake too, is a wonderful homemade cake option that needs nearly 2 pounds of fresh strawberries, you will see how this cake has a moist crumb with bursts of  flavour in each bite.

Okay, I guess by now I filled you with enough reason to try this divine, moist cake recipe, right?

 Start off with your strawberries to make an amazing cake. Puree the strawberries until reduce by half, pack one pound od strawberries into cake layers in the form of three or four cups of strawberry reduction. Use the reverse creaming method in this cake.

Slice with strawberry on the top

Reverse Creaming Procedure

  • This method will create loveliest crumb texture, this reversing procedure is simple and easy and it goes like this.
  • Mix up wet ingredients, and combine the dry ingredients, add the butter into dry ingredients, mix up dry ingredients into wet /butter mixture in two parts.
  •  Combine the strawberry reduction with the rest of the wet material, Add the milk and sour cream to it to cool down easily and quickly.
  • Divide the wet mixture into two parts and set them both aside.
  • Mix up-te dry ingredients and then add butter one tbsp, the mixture should start to resemble wet sand.
  • Then again mix up wet ingredients and beat for about a minute. Look when the air is incorporated and get wonderfully light and fluffy then add the remaining wet ingredients. At the time mix up an extract pink color into the batter to get the nice shape with pink color.

Simple Cream Cheese Frosting

When the cake is baked now it’s time to slather it in cake frosting, to give it a strawberry flavor. Use freeze-dried strawberries here and I would like to mention a cream cheese frosting with strawberry cake. You could use regular cheese frosting, I will recommend you add more strawberry flavor as per your taste.

Homemade simple Strawberry cake

Here is soft creamy and full of strawberry flavor, it is the best chance for you to try a creaming method. You will fall in love with this type of creamy strawberry cake.

moister fresh fruit dessert

Ingredients For Strawberry cake

Homemade Strawberry-Cake Recipe

Ingredients For Strawberry cake
Quartered strawberries: 3 cups (400 g)
Sour cream: 3/4 cup (173 g)
Milk: 1/4 cup(60 ml)
Eggs: 4
Vanilla extract: 1 tsp
All-purpose flour: 2  1/2 cups(325 g)
Baking powder: 2 tsp
Baking soda: 2 tsp
Salt: 1/2 tsp salt
Unsalted butter: 3/4 cup(168 g)
Pink food color: 7 or 9 drops optional
Ingradients for  Creaming Cheese Frosting
Dried strawberries: 2
Cheese: 16 oz (452 g)
Powder sugar: 10 Cups
Vanilla extract: 1 tsp
Chopped strawberries: 3/4 cups
Pinch of salt
1. For making a strawberry reduction, mix up strawberries to food processor puree until it becomes smooth. To add the puree take medium-sized saucepan and cook them over medium heat, boil slowly until it has thickened and reduced to 3/4 cups.
2. When it thickened take a large measuring cup and make it cool at room temperature. preheat oven to 350F degree. Prepare 8-inch cake pans with parchment paper. Mix a strawberry reduction, sour cream, milk, vanilla in a large bowl.
3. In bowl mix flour, sugar, baking powder, and a pinch of salt add the butter about a tablespoon at a time, add an egg mixture into dry ingredients/butte mixture, and stir on the lowest speed.
4. Keep the speed to medium-high and beat until it will be light and fluffy about 45 seconds. Then scrape the sides of bowl turn speed on medium-high. Divide the batter between 3 cakes of the pan and now it's time to bake is 24 to 26 minutes.
5. Take out the cake from oven and cool the cake until it becomes cool. Makethe frosting add the freeze-dried strawberries and grind into powder, take the large bowl for beating the cheese and cream. Mix vanilla and sugar, powder sugar, salt until it's smooth.
6. Put the cake and take a large knife to cut down the domes from the top of the cake. Add the cup of frosting on the top of the cake layer, half of the chopped strawberries press them into the frosting eventually. Repeat this procedure again for the second layer.
7. Add some of the strawberries on top to give a nicedecoration look, and refrigerate it until ready to serve.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Cake
Keyword: fresh fruit cake, strawberry cake


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The Best Yummy Strawberry Cake Homemade Recipe

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