How to Choose the Right Baker for your Wedding Cake

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The choice of the professional is very important, especially with the high quality of cake Baker chefs that appear every day. Since the kitchen became an art, a variety of products and artists has multiplied, as well as the demands. Given that, what to do?


First, you will need to find out what your expectations are. If the cake is just a not very important matter for you,  then don’t compatible, try the simple and beautiful cake designer,  that doesn’t require too much dedication from you, then you can save time and money. The simplicity makes the pastry work not be excessive as in other cases when you choose a very difficult designer cake.

But, if the cake is one of the tops points of your big day, then remember there’s a lot of cake maker chefs that are open to making the bride’s dream cake become reality.


Understand the Pricing when it comes to choose the right baker to your wedding cake

Many bakers charge a base fee depending on how many slices the cake will serve. This fee can range anywhere from about $1.50 to about $15 for each slice.

Cakes pricing chart

However, more complicated decorating schemes increase the cost. Fondant frosting costs more than buttercream frosting. Basically, the more work it takes to create the cake, the more expensive it will be. Because much of the work comprises decorating, using fake Styrofoam layers instead of cake to make the cake look larger won’t make the cake much cheaper than using real cake.

Opting for a Less Expensive Cake

Some couples opt to have just two tiers of decorated wedding cake. They use sheet cakes in the kitchen to serve the rest of the guests. Just make sure the slices from both cakes look similar.

Its a Less expensive cake

Cake decoration inspiration that you can take as consideration for your wedding cake designer

Choosing simple decorations, such as seasonal fresh flowers or fresh fruit can also help minimize the cost. Some people opt for one slicing tier and then use another alternative instead of cake to serve the guests. These alternatives include cupcakes, cake pops, doughnuts, cookies, or a  variety of other sweet or savory options.

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Consider How the Cake Will Be Delivered

Coordinate the cake delivery with both the baker and the reception site. The baker may have to bring the cake in pieces and assemble it on-site, which takes some time. The cake may need refrigeration, so make sure the site has a large enough refrigerator.

Delivery of the cake

Always search for professional advice, and after reviewing their previous work, you can transmit the personality of the couple. For sure you will end up with delicious results! Of course, all this customization requires a larger financial investment, but the cake is important to you, it certainly won’t be a problem to invest a little more to obtain the perfect result.

I hope you enjoyed those tips, and make sure to add them to your due diligence in your research for a professional that will make your wedding cake.

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