How to Make a Push Pop Cake – An Easy Step by Step Guide

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It is a multilayered cake sandwiched between different layers of icing or chocolate in a push pop container. The cake looks glossy as it is a colorful cake also known as rainbow cake as seven colors are added in it and serve mostly in spring festivals. It looks charming as frosted with icing and sprinkles of coconuts or chocolate chips or your most favorite fruit like Mangoes strawberries etc.

Now the wait is going to be over for your kids’ most beloved recipe. Guess what special frosty colorful, beautiful dessert you are going to take with me?

A Special Frosty Colorful Desert:

Yes! Here is the most demanding recipe to push pop cakes that we are going to make. This recipe is popular especially among kids but also liked by teens veterans and students too.

When I published a spice bundt cake recipe, after that, I am continuously receiving demanding messages daily to make push pop cakes…as the name sounds yummy the taste of this rainbow cake is also very yummy.

Your demands and interests pushed me to try this push-pop cake. And your pushing popped into a strange explosion in the form of push pop cake.

Sorry, I know you are wondering why the explosion and why the strange results. I mean to say when I tried for the very first time I created a mess, it was push- pop cake and layered with cream and chocolate alternatively but its consistency was a poor and cream color with chocolate was not balanced, that’s the reason I could not share this push-pop cake recipe earlier…

But you know that practice makes a man perfect in the first few tries I was not happy with the results. But after all, I realized my mistakes and able to remove them. then I came to reach my happiest result.

Push Pop Cake: A New Experiment

I am not a professional baker and what I am sharing with you today is just I have learned in trying making this push-pop cake recipe and adopting some techniques that went helpful in making a tasty and perfect look of your beloved push- pop cake.

A very interesting fact of this multi-layered push pop cake is frosting. You can decorate it according to your peculiar taste, style, budget need, and desire.

This is a perfect dessert in all seasons but especially for spring as per its taste and look, it had rainbow colors and glossy look as well as fit for kids party functions.

Rainbow colors

I also made this pop dessert for my son’s birthday party and gain admiration from everyone in the function. It has occupied its fixed place in birthday functions as well as festive functions in schools and home dinners.

One of the most interesting reasons for its popularity lies in the fact that it has an enhancing effect on kids cooking hobby as it is easy to make the recipe in no time.

Tips to make push pop cake

It is an advanced form of the cupcake. what things I noted in the preparation of push pop cake think you must have to keep in mind.

First of all, you have to bake some cupcakes according to your desired flavor I baked strawberry and chocolate flavor but you have an option to bake in different flavors according to your choice.

As it is a rainbow cake some people like to add all rainbow colors like violet indigo blue green etc. So the best option for those to add different food colors according to their choice before baking in the doe.

You can also use a regular cake and make it cut into round slices with the help of a bowl cutter as it is the easiest option for you.

Push pop container

What mistake I did once the slices were not matched according to the perimeter of the push pop container. They were small and left some space around the perimeter. That resulted in  masking of push pops slices with icing layers

Choose the right size of slices that fit in push pop containers.

Another method to make the perfect size of a cupcake is to take a regular cake. With the help of push pop containers cut the required number of pieces one by one. After that follow the same method.

This can be done easily by putting small pressure on the consistency of fresh cupcakes. As the fresh cupcakes are soft enough to cut easily and the rest of the method is the same.

How To Make Push Pop Cake:    

It is a multilayered cake sandwiched between different layers of icing or chocolate in a push pop container. It looks glossy as it is a colorful cake also known as rainbow cake. Seven colors are added to it sometimes in spring festivals. It looks charming as frosted with icing and sprinkles of coconuts or chocolate chips.

Push Pop Cake

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Cake
Keyword: push pop cake



  • Baked cupcakes or regular cake
  • Icing bag
  • Buttercream frosting
  • Push pop container
  • Spoon
  • knife


Instructions To Prepare

  • The initial step in making push pop cake is baking of traditional cupcakes.
  • Bake 5 to 6 round shape cupcakes in the oven and allow it to cool.
  • After cooling level up all the cupcakes by removing the upper layers with the help of a knife.
  • Make the first layer as an icing layer with the help of an icing bag as per your favorite flavor.
  • Place one of the scratch cupcakes into the push pop container with the support of your fingers and push down slowly towards the bottom.
  • Choose your favorite decorating tip to make it more attractive. Try to make the icing on the entire surface of the cake slice.
  • Now the time to add the second piece of cake as the next layer and press smoothly.
  • Repeat the above steps and build at least 5 to 6 layers of cakes and icing alternatively.
  • Make sure the topmost layer of the cake is icing. The icing on the top makes it more catchy. Especially if your favorite icing is used then makes it more worthy to eat.
  • Now the last and more interesting step comes in which you have to do the frosting. You can now make it more customized by adding sprinkles nuts, candies, .chocolate chips, etc.
  • If you want to close the container make sure the icing level at the top should be leveled enough to make the extra room not to touch the lid.


Until now we filled this blog with mouthwatering ingredients, interesting reasons to like it, Recipes, helping tips, and nutrition value. We would like to see your reviews about the guide in the comments section below.

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