Low Carb Banana Mug Cake

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Low carb banana mug cake is the perfect option when your craving badly due to your strict fitness regime

low Banana Mug Cake


You can have it topped with nuts to fulfill your protein and vitamin requirements as well. Say goodbye to your boring everyday breakfast of oat bowl. Satisfy your sweet tooth your very own low carb banana mug cake that too without counting calories

Are you excited for your cheat meal? Why cheat when you can satisfy your taste buds by this wonderful keto, sugar-free, low calorie, and yummy cake?

We are here to help you make your own low carb banana mug cake. Yes, a healthy one.

Why Should You try a Low Carb Banana Mug Cake?

We understand your dedication to keeping yourself fit, but, also your strict fitness routines and a balanced diet are taking a toll on your taste buds. We are here to provide you several tasty recipes on our blogs. These recipes not only focus on the flavors but also has special consideration for your dietary needs.

The recipe is perfectly healthy and would not disturb your diet. The plus points of this cake are that its preparation is reasonably quick, i.e., under 5 minutes in a microwave. Also, It can be easily prepared for a single serving. It can be made in a conventional oven, too, if you are not in a hurry. The oven version of this mug cake has a slight edge in taste over the one on a microwave.

Mini Cake frosted wtih chocolate

Do you have a gluten or sugar intolerant person at your home? This cake is suitable for them too. You can make your loved ones happy and give them a moment of joy with this cake. Your Low carb banana mug cake can be no egg or egg-containing too. It is your choice if you want an eggless cake or and the one with egg.

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Key Ingredients of Your Mug Cake

You don’t need to plan to bake this cake because you will find almost all of its ingredients in your kitchen. The use of ripe banana is suitable for this recipe along with Baking powder, cocoa powder. For zero-calorie sugar, you can use xylitol. Other ingredients include coconut oil, honey, almond flour/ oat bran. For your protein requirements, you can add protein powder and egg too.

As you can see, the ingredients are readily available in most household kitchens. It does not require any effort to go shopping, which can add to the surprise element to surprise your loved ones.

Low carb banana mug cake

perfect option when your craving badly due to your strict fitness regime
Total Time2 mins
Servings: 1 person


  • 1 mashed banana;
  • 1 egg; 3 tablespoons of cashew or almond flour or oat bran;
  • 1 teaspoon of xylitol you can also use a 1 teaspoon of honey or coconut or brown sugar (however this increases the value of carbohydrates);
  • 1 teaspoonof cocoa powder;
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder;
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil;
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder optional


  • Knead the banana with a spoon, place it in a mug (of + or- 300ml) and then add the rest of the ingredients, stir everything so that it becomes a homogeneous mixture.
  • Microwave for 2 minutes. Ready! When I feel like eating a candy I melt 2 squares of chocolate 70% or more cocoa and put it on top of my cupcake !!
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    low carb banana mug cake

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