3 ingredient only chocolate cake with Oreo (Oven-Less)

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3 Ingredient chocolate cake with Oreo is for you if you are a chocolate cake lover. It becomes much more delicious when you bake your cake yourselves.

Easy Oreo Chocolate cake

We are here with a three-ingredient chocolate cake recipe today and, It is the easiest of the recipes with only three ingredients. The use of Oreo biscuits is done in the preparation of several things like shakes, etc. Therefore, We are going to make use of the Oreo biscuits to make this cake yummy.

Celebrating occasions with your loved ones becomes unforgettable with a delicious homemade cook.

What makes it Special?

One of the things that we have mentioned is the self-preparation of this cake. You get tons of flavors of cake in the market. You can buy it and celebrate the occasion. The feeling, the effort, the love makes the event much more special for you and your loved ones. That is one reason we recommend you to try baking a cake yourself.


Another factor which makes this chocolate cake with oreo unique is the easiness with which it can be prepared. It doesn’t require you to go for shopping as it hardly requires any unique ingredients. The three things required are Oreo biscuits, Milk, and Baking Powder. Every other thing you add is as per your taste.

oreo milk bakingpowder and chocolate


Apart from this, the preparation of this cake is a quick process. Also, the baking of this cake doesn’t compulsorily require an oven or microwave. It can be baked in a pressure cooker too. Such an uncomplex process it is.

This easy recipe doesn’t mean the quality and taste of the cake are compromised, and It is as good as the cake available in a cake shop. The same moist, fudgy & chocolaty nature


Points to make Your Chocolate Cake with Oreo the Best

There are specific points to keep in mind that make your baking process a breeze. Therefore, you must follow those points for the best experience.

cake side in a plate


  • One of them is that it is not only the Oreo cookies that you have to use. You can use other cookies of your choice too.
  • You must make use of parchment paper to make the cake not stick to the pan.
  • If you are baking in a microwave, it is a 5-minute affair.
  • Let the cake cool down before inverting the pan.
  • The use of Plastic or Silicone dishes helps the cake pop out quickly.
  • Also, Don’t fill the pan more than ¾ of the pan.

If you take care of these steps, you will have a ball of a time with your chocolate cake with oreo.

 What are the ingredients?


2 large packets Oreo Biscuits:

1 ½ tsp Baking Powder

Milk 220 ml

Chocolate ( optional )

I found this amazing and simple walking through recipe video that with the full step-by-step on Youtube link


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