Welcome to Cake Showcase Lab Blog!

This is my internet home where I share my recipes, tips, and tricks related to the fascinating cakes world with you! I am so happy you are here and I hope you find a delicious cake recipe or some inspiration to make your next cake and enjoy with your beloved ones.

The voice behind Cake ShowCase Lab Blog is an IT an engineer who is absolutely fascinated towards all the aspects of the kitchen, and baking cakes is my favorite. That’s right, I’m a nerd who loves cooking!

I have a philosophy in life that cooking is necessary. It’s not just about cooking or eating as it is necessary for you to live. Cooking is something different for me, it has an emotional connection with me. I’m among those few people who are always open to try new styles of cooking. For me, If it’s to eat, let’s do it right!

I have genuine happiness for being in the kitchen and making things for the people around me.

A Bit of the Who I am

Hellen Proundly Canadian

I am a proud Brazilian immigrant who lives and works at the great city of Vancouver in the beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I have this passion for cooking since I was little kid and this passion was heritage into me from my mom.

After this big change in my life of moving from Brazil to Canada my bond with the kitchen got even more stronger. Most of the things which I used to do in my Homeland were not a part of my life here in Canada. The distance from my home country left me no good option except spending more and more time in the kitchen.

Being in the kitchen, baking and cooking was my way to reconnect with my roots and it is also an opportunity to gather my friends together. We all enjoy my baking recipes together again but now in Canadian-Brazilian style. I can tell you for sure, that the most satisfying part of making any of my cakes creations is the opportunity to share it with the people around me.

My simple and tasty cakes recipes were always the highlight of the celebrations and parties in my social circle. I became the “official” sweet and treats resource to go among my friends. Besides this it was helping other people also as my tips and tricks for baking were being shared on different social platforms. I used to follow a couple of blogs and recipes web forums and one day I thought ” Hey, why not start my own?” And then here I’m with my blog.

My blog is continually changing and improving as I get more familiar with blogging.


Cake Showcase Lab is a journey of my love relationship with baking and covering all aspects of cake decorating, cheesecakes and cupcakes creations.

Through my website, cakeshowcaselab.com, you will find amazing sweet recipes, baking tips and Cake decorating tips either developed by myself or some great recipes ideas from exceptional chefs and most importantly from some food bloggers who inspired me.


Although cake making is an enjoyable thing for me, that makes me feel so happy. I take recipe sharing very seriously, that’s why I always try all of the recipes at least once before sharing it with my readers, I like to provide only valuable tips and content in things that I actually believe. Just to complement the series of transparency statements, I’m shameless to say that I don’t have professional culinary training to brag on me, therefore every time when I try a new recipe it’s a very valuable learning experience, which feels great!

My baked creations and all the recipes that I like to share on the blog generally are straightforward and simple with ingredients and tools that you will normally have in your kitchen.

The main purpose of this project is to share with my readers some basic and simple alternatives to make awesome sweets and treats for you and your family.

Okay.. but even I’m being advocated to do “as much simple as possible” baking approach I also like to share with you guys amazing cakes creation that are masterpieces inspirations which I absolutely love to bake and they are sometimes not so that simple to make, well, they are absolutely outstanding, so why not share those with you guys, right?

To find all the recipes you can easily browse throughout my recipe index page, however, if you are a more visual person and like to keep some of those recipes always handy, building up your favorites group boards, then I encourage you to visit my Pinterest profile, I have a lot of boards that you can follow and share as you pleased.



I hope you enjoy your time here on my blog and find a easy recipe (or a few) that become family favorites. If you have any questions, comments, recipe requests, or are interested in working with me please contact me